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  1. to na poczatek zrob sobie FOTECZKE :D http://www.animaturk.com/films/kurbaga.htm http://www.animaturk.com/films/sihirbaz.htm http://bluzgi.freeprohost.com/Bild.doc http://www.efektaxe.pl/axelips/lynxlips/index.html http://www.zanorg.com/prodperso/punk.htm http://www.funpic.hu/swf/rocky.html http://frag4fun.free.fr/bisounours/ http://www.superlaugh.com/1/pupsuprise.htm http://www.superlaugh.com/1/newpet.htm http://www.superlaugh.com/1/dancingcow.htm http://www.superlaugh.com/1/virtualpuppy.htm http://sugarqube.com/Ecards/CardView.cfm?CardID=1222&
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